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Activity templatesActivity templates can make creating little apps for the children very easy; these activities can be shared through web-links to a class blog, school website, etc.

LearningApps.org is a great activity template providing website:

LearningApps.org is a Web 2.0 application, to support learning and teaching processes with small interactive modules. Those modules can be used directly in learning materials, but also for self studying. The aim is to collect reusable building blocks and make them available to everyone. Blocks (called Apps) include no specific framework or a specific learning scenario. The blocks are therefore not suitable as complete lessons or tasks, instead they must be embedded in an appropriate teaching scenario.” (LearningApps.org)

Activity templates

The list of different activity templates follows:

  • Matching Pairs
  • Group Assignment
  • Number Line
  • Simple Order
  • Freetext Input
  • Matching Pairs on Images
  • Multiple-Choice Quiz
  • Cloze Test
  • App Matrix
  • Audio/Video with Notices
  • The Millionaire Game
  • Group-Puzzle
  • Crossword
  • Word Grid
  • Where is what?
  • Hangman
  • Horse Race
  • Pairing Game
  • Guess

There are already many activities that have been created for you to use. This Spanish lesson below is fun and could be used almost immediately in class:

Activity Templates

It covers Spanish prepositions and opens with cats and dogs on top of, behind, to the left,  to the right and in front of pieces of furniture; therefore, it covers some basic vocabulary as well as the prepositions. As you click on the pin at the top of the image it opens a set of possible responses. The player chooses an answer and it pins the answer to the top of the image.

Activity Templates


On checking, you get either a right or wrong response and when the right answer has been selected it gets pinned to the image:

Activity templates

That is just one of the many templates already used to create and share an activity. Another that is instantly usable is Hangman:

Activity Templates

This is a timed activity, rather than creating the well-known hangman drawing and players have ten seconds to respond.

Teachers can bookmark and share apps that are already created, or create their own, and share them.

This is a great site to add some simple online activities that children could do on their own, maybe at home, which hopefully would inspire them to practice a modern foreign language, or similar, with a bit of fun.

Not all ready-made template are perfect, I tried the “Characteristics of a fairy tale” – it was matching pictures  and I could not determine any characteristics from the app and couldn’t even match the pairs for ages 🙁  My knowledge of fairy tales is clearly far less than it should be!