Closing the word gapClosing the Word Gap has become an important talking point over the last year, since the book was published. Teach It Primary are offering a free book of ideas to help with that problem : Closing the word gap, activities for the classroom.

Worryingly, 69% of primary teachers believe that the number of children with limited vocabulary is increasing“. (Oxford Language Report 2018)

“Fortunately, help is at hand with our new resource Closing the word gap: activities for the classroom, created in partnership with Oxford University Press.

Full of simple, practical, and engaging ideas and resources, Closing the word gap: activities for the classroom includes sections for EYFS, KS1, and KS2 along with a whole-school section for headteachers, SENDCos or literacy leaders. “ (Teach It Primary)

There is a whole section on creating a vocabulary policy which may be helpful. Also, there are lots of ideas shared in the book that I really like, such as a ‘Listening Walk’ and a section on ideas specifically linked to the children’s books: ‘Would you rather’ – by John Burningham and ‘Chicken Licken’, ‘Here come the Aliens’ – by Colin McNaughton, ‘Gorilla’ – by Anthony Browne and more!

There are activity ideas for all stages of primary school, posters, activities etc. It even picks up on ‘Magpie-ing New Words and Phrases’, which I remember clearly being amazed at when used in conjunction with the ‘Gamer Myst’, following the work of Tim Rylands , many years ago.

As a completely free offering there is nothing to risk – at least, you can’t really go wrong with downloading the PDF and glancing through it for new ideas.