Mentally Healthy SchoolsMentally Healthy Schools is a website that is specialising in helping schools start to tackle mental health issues,

It can feel difficult to start a conversation with children about mental health. This may be because you don’t feel equipped with the information you think you may need, or lack confidence about how you even open up the conversation. Adults can also be concerned that they may not have the answers to children’s questions or that they might say something ‘wrong’.

But the good news is that you are used to working with children and are able to use language that they can understand. There are also a number of excellent resources available to help.”(Mentally Healthy Schools)

The sections covered on the site are:

There is a whole set of videos that maybe useful for teachers or parents for all different ages and there are also tips for talking to a child about parental mental health.

The resources section has lesson plans, assemblies and PHSE resources to help address learning about mental health and well-being in the classroom.  “It also includes an introduction to social and emotional skills: essential life skills that promote children’s ability to cope, resolve conflict, and manage their thoughts, feelings, behaviour and their friendships.”(Mentally Healthy Schools)

Mentally Healthy Schools