News for kidsNews for Kids is a written form of news as opposed to the BBC video news stories. It may be more suitable for older children. Its by-line is “Real News, Told Simply.”  This web site covers world news rather than just local news.

The name says it all. was created by a teacher to make the news accessible to kids. We carefully choose high interest stories appropriate to the audience, and present them in a way that is easy to understand.

The news is necessarily complicated and messy. There’s a lot to know. We strive to make each article as self-contained as possible, giving the necessary background and not assuming that the reader already has certain knowledge. This is a daunting task. Where it is not possible to give all the necessary information within the article itself, we try to provide easily accessible resources to fill in the gaps.”(News for KIds)

The site is split into sections: World, which is split again into continents. There is a section for the US, one for Science, split into technology and the environment. Sports, Arts and a News Bag are also provided. The News Bag is a mixture of current stories that should appeal to children for various reasons – recent examples being: Dating App for Animals, An extra birthday for Langston Hughes, the sensor backpack for bees and the fatberg under a southern English town.

The arts section is particularly interesting with the main story this week being a teenager who built himself an arm with Lego and a painting of someone holding a painting which is a great art idea!

Eventually this site plans on delivering different reading levels but for the moment it is a very good new resource suitable for children who are confident readers.

News for kids