The Human Body section of the Teacher’s Pet website offers several useful, free resources for a study on the Human body. NB The displays section is free, other sections are a subscription service.

There are resources for sixteen different types of activities:

  • Human Skeleton Labels to be printed off and used with the:
  • Human Skeleton display
  • Inside the ear, this is a set of two posters, one labelled up and one for children to label.
  • Our body facts – 15 cards with facts about part of the human body.
  • There is a set of five posters based on how exercise affects the body to be printed off on A4 paper and put around the walls.
  • Digestive system*
  • Respiratory system*
  • The heart* (*These three subjects have one labelled up poster and one each for the children to fill in.)
  • Teeth structure posters – eight posters for display showing the structure of the tooth.
  • The uses of teeth posters – again eight posters about the different types of teeth and their uses.
  • The whole body writing poster – this is for KS2 children and is shows how we can use different parts of the body to engage in writing. (There is also a KS1 version!)
  • The whole body reading posters for KS 1 and KS2
  • Face Labels – nine labels to be printed off to use as an interactive resource with the last item:
  • Face Labels poster with arrows pointing to the parts of the face.