Healthy HumansHealthy Humans for KS1 from BBC Bitesize is a collection of really useful resources to be used in the classroom.

The first question asked and answered within the resource is, “What do humans need to stay healthy?  A video is provided, showing the basics of what it takes to stay healthy. The video deals with: sleep, exercise, food and germs.

Healthy Humans

There is an interactive section dealing with food – revealing the types and recommendations to keep healthy. It also has supporting audio files explaining what each sort of food does for the body. Unfortunately,  the audio files need Flash and therefore they are no use on an iPad unless the children can read the simple texts instead of listening!

Sample text: “Eating yoghurt or drinking milk can help you grow strong bones and teeth. You don’t need a lot. A glass of milk or a tub of yoghurt a day should be enough. Or you could have a little bit of cheese or butter instead. They’re good for teeth and bones too!

The Dos and Don’ts of staying healthy, points out that eating buns and cakes, taking no exercise and forgetting to wash one’s hands is not good!

If you choose to use this resource as part of a whole project on the human body, there are more sections developed (reproduced below) as well as this one, which may prove very useful: