The River Thames is probably the most important River in British History; indeed, it is part of why London grew to be such an important city. Primary Homework Help gives a pictorial guide to the River Thames in England, from source to the sea.

As it’s source is relatively close to Oxfordshire schools, many children may have visited the source, or be aware of the river’s journey through Oxfordshire. Many will have been to Lechlade and fed the swans, even more will have been close by the river in: Oxford, Radcot, Clifton Hamden, etc. They may have even been on boat journeys on the river, locally.

This is a short version of the river’s journey and it full of photographs showing various points along the length of the river, accompanied by simple facts about the journey, which is taken by Winnie the Pooh in his tiny boat.  This is a brilliant resource for the very young.

There is also a longer version of the river’s journey.  This version is still Pooh’s journey but it contains lots more written information and is more suitable for slightly older children that are confident readers. This version includes historical information, mentioning connections with the Romans and Saxons. It explains the name Isis, giving information about its breadth and depth at the various stages in development.  Various significant buildings along the route are mentioned and their relationship to the river, or their historical value, is explained.  This version is excellent for KS2.

As well as the historical data included, there is an introduction to the geographical data, with names of the parts of the river – an introduction to erosion and pollution is also explored.

The site also offers the journey of the River Severn, which is the longest river in the UK, and another comparatively local river which children may have visited. Again, it is from the source to sea. Another very useful resource for any project about rivers.