My StorybookMy Storybook to Read is a free online storybook maker which can be used in any aged classroom.

“Classrooms around the world are using My Storybook to teach digital literacy and storytelling.”(My Storybook to Read)

Students who have email addresses can sign up themselves and simply start making books, otherwise a teacher can sign in on each device with one email address and the children can all work using the same address which is ideal if you have a ****class@ school email address.

Pupils can make as many free books as you want them to in class, or also at home, if  wanted. There is no cost for making and sharing books but there is a $5 cost if you want to print a high quality pdf. Even after buying a story it can be edited and reprinted as many times as you wish. One thought for this is a Christmas book that could be shared with all parents and friends. If shared digitally at no cost to the school but the printed version would be $5, plus the local cost of printing.

There is a survey running at the moment asking teachers for any improvements needed, do please fill it in if you have ideas.

There is also a whole library of great little books to look at before you decide whether or not to use it.

The Classroom Resources section has three useful guides for older children:

  • How to build an argument
  • Ideas for dialogue writing
  • My Story Organiser – teaching the elements of a story

Do please share any books that your children make, we would be delighted to see them.