Stranger DangerStranger Danger videos could be useful end of term viewing for anyone still in school. As children tend to have far more freedom during the summer holidays, this is when they are more likely to encounter strangers. Also, of course, this is when potentially dangerous strangers could be looking out for children.



STRANGER DANGER – CHILD SAFETY / Educational videos for children. “Life is very precious and safety comes first in each and every condition. To help kids learn various safety measures and what to do when you are alone at home that’s why we bring this Child safety stranger danger game. Oh!! Eva is alone at home and look at that a stranger is there at the door. He is offering her various chocolates, presents and many other things! Help her to decide what to do in this kind of situation and try to remember what her mom has said earlier.” (YouTube) This is most suitable for under six or seven years old.

Stranger Awareness for Kids – Billy to the Bus. “This video on stranger awareness follows a young boy named Billy on his way to his school bus stop. Along the way Billy is approached by a stranger. The video shows kids what to do if they are approached by a stranger. It shows what they should watch out for and who they should let know about the stranger.” (YouTube) For 7 – 10 years.

Safe Kids Stranger Danger – PowerCat.  Suitable for 7 – 9 years.  It is American; therefore, the phone number is wrong but still very useful.