toys of the pastToys of the past for KS1 is a very popular topic which has lots of resources shared and available for use. The Bedford Museum has a whole website section devoted to toys of the past which is well worth a visit of you are doing the topic.

The scheme of work provides ideas for six lessons with extension activities. Visit the Teachers’ Introduction page for guidance on using the site. Describing toys is for pupils to try online while the other resources can be used throughout the scheme in any way a teacher chooses.

Describing and sorting toys is interactive but needs flash so no good on tablets – great for a whiteboard or on a laptop though!

The sorting is simply dragging old and new toys to the right boxes, the Venn diagram is showing the overlap and  describing toys has a set of words to choose the most appropriate from for each toy.

Three Levels

Level 1. This is the easiest level has a set of words which are spoken as one hovers over each word and the pupils chooses the most appropriate.

Toys of the Past

Level 2. In this level, one can choose to put sound on, or off, so it can support struggling readers and make better readers think about the words and especially the new ones. Children still choose the most appropriate words but they can be printed off later for use in their own sentences describing toys.

Toys of the past

Level 3. This is the hardest level where children have to enter their own words which can then be printed off, it is very good for giving children the opportunity to think about the properties of toys.

Toys of the past


This site hosts a set of photos of toys of the past with information about the toys in the museum for download. There is also a teacher’s introduction,  some pupil worksheets. and a downloadable and editable scheme of work  (Linked below):

Scheme of Work