Anglo Saxon HistoryAnglo Saxon history is a fascinating part of the invaders and settlers topic.

Anglo Saxons in Britain from Homework help is a great starting point, it shows a really clear timeline of the invaders. It covers the following aspects:

  • Who were the Anglo-Saxons?
  • When did the Anglo-Saxons invade Britain?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Why did Anglo-Saxons invade Britain?
  • How long did the Anglo-Saxons stay in England?
  • Where did the Anglo-Saxons Settle in Britain?
  • What Anglo Saxon Place names still exist today?
  • What Religion did the Anglo-Saxons follow?
  • Where do the names of the days of the week originate from?
  • Why is Sutton Hoo famous?
  • What were Anglo Saxon Villages like?
  • What did the Anglo-Saxons Eat and Drink?
  • Who invaded England after the Anglo-Saxons?
  • Who was the last Anglo Saxon King and where did he die?

The BBC – provides some Anglo Saxon History  archived teacher resources  which may be interesting to try out in class:

  • Anglo-Saxon manuscripts – Make your own Anglo-Saxon manuscript.
  • Anglo-Saxon riddles – Solve the Anglo-Saxon riddles and try writing your own.
  • Anglo-Saxon runes – Write in runes, like the Anglo-Saxons did.
  • Make your own timeline – Test your knowledge by arranging time period tabs.
  • Not in my day – Spot five objects not found in an Anglo-Saxon home.

The Village of Wichhamstow – even though you may not be able to visit this reconstructed Anglo-Saxon village there is lots of useful information and it should be possible for a teacher to make good use of this site. Though it is not suitable for children – the text is a bit too dense – it may be that Y6 children could cope.

Unsworth Primary School – have an Anglo Saxon History section where they have a Horrible Histories video and useful facts about them and their houses. They refer to the image archive at the British Museum. There is an interactive look around an Anglo-Saxon Village linked there too.

Anglo Saxon History