Products that changed our livesProducts that changed our lives was an article that jumped out and hit me as I was looking back through some Which magazines today. It is a fascinating history of technology for the last 60 years.

There is a wonderful picture of “Products that changed our Lives” it was part of a poll to find people’s favourite products of the last 60 years. It is full of iconic products some if which children will recognise and some they won’t.

To see the picture full size visit this page where the whole project is explained.

I think it would be really interesting to see if children recognize any of the products and if they have any idea when things like the colour TV,the best washing machine, electric kettle, smart phone,best air purifier for smokec etc were invented and it could lead to a great class project.

That page links to a timeline of those products that changed our lives. Children may not have any idea of the significance of some items like the Toyota Pruis for example, but I am sure they would be fascinated by the development of the mobile phone, games machines and computers, as well as many usual household items. If they could map some of these developments, possibly with the help of their grandparents, and realise that some of the grandparents may not have had a colour TV as we do now, it would be interesting.

Products that changed our lives

Products that Changed our Lives could prove to be a useful starting point for a classroom topic, possibly to follow SATs. It could also give children the opportunity to investigate one product for homework. Furthermore, this article and time line should prove to be really interesting for the children and teacher alike!

Other Technology History Sites:

The Ultimate history of Technology in Education 

50 technological advances your children will laugh at is an interesting read, it highlights things that are going out of date right now such as fillings in teeth, as well as what has already gone. Some prediction work could be interesting!

Explain that Stuff – has a complete Timeline of Technology.; however, it starts way back and is not really child friendly, it may be useful for dates though.