Podcasts for KidsPodcasts for Kids can be great resources when you consider that there are children who are connected to their phones from the second they leave school until they go to bed and then in the morning once again! There are many podcasts created to meet the interests of all children, aimed specifically at their age group and as well as developing listening and concentration skills, they can be very educational.

Common Sense Media – this site chooses the twenty best Podcasts for kids, starting with a section of family suitable ones, followed by bedtime podcasts, Road Trips podcasts, podcasts for those who love science and finally, music lovers. This is a great starting point. The page also offers some suggested pod catchers too.

Kid’s Listen – this is a podcast playing app, only available for iPads at the moment but an Android version is due out soon. There is a lovely range of podcasts available.

Today’s (May 04 2018) Podcasts are:

  • What Would Happen If There Was No Moon? What would happen if our Moon suddenly disappeared? Would we still have tides? It turns out that the Moon has a much bigger influence on Earth than you might think.
  • Silly Scenery: a bedtime story and relaxation for kids
  • Where Did the Moon Go? (Bedtime) I love looking at the moon each and every night… but tonight when I look out the window I can’t see the moon!!! Where do you think it went?
  • George’s Cheese/Pizza Revenge  “George’s Cheese,” the tale of an easily-startled pig who wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting town, written by a 5th grader from Virginia named Micah and “Pizza Revenge,” a salsa-inflected jam about a viral video that forever changes the battle between pizza and hot dogs.
  • Seeing Eye Dogs Who’s the real expert, and who the liar, liar Pants on Fire?.
  • Search Party We’re back on the Marlowe this week, with Genevieve and Alivea plotting to take back their space station. But will all of their machinations come to naught? Was that a weird way of saying things won’t work out?
  • Because We Take Care of Each Other Winnie the puppy assistant has her first appointment at the vet — and she is nervous. She insists that her Junkyard friends come too.

BBC iPlayer – has some Listen and Play podcasts: Marvellous Mats and Gigantic Genies , Scrumptious Sandwiches and Delicious Drinks are the first two on offer.

Homeschooling Ideas – has a set of Free Educational Podcasts

We are Teachers –  share the 18 Best Podcasts for Kids in Elementary, Middle and High School. Yes they are American, but lots of science and Story Nory are covered.

Early Childhood – offers the 15 Best Podcasts for Kids

There are many available and they will undoubtedly be useful for developing both listening and concentration skills.

Podcasts for Kids