Talk4WritingTalk4Writing is a website create by Pie Corbett:

“We provide free downloadable resources for you to use with your own class. These range from lesson plans to grammar worksheets. Take a look at our free resource section and find out what could help you.” (Talk4Writing)

There are free literacy resources indexed under: KS1, KS2, Non fiction, Online resources, planning, related blogs and videos.

There are lots of downloadable PDFs, created by Pie to aid teachers in the classroom which you can store and share using cloud computing. See for more info. Among them are various toolkit and articles:

  • Suspense Toolkit
  • Literature Spine
  • Writing Toolkits
  • Article: Creating a Playful Poem
  • Article: Using picture books, Voices in the Park

Pie shares a resource about how to innovate on non-fiction and then adds his own story as a stimulus!

There is a Planning Area where Pie shares ideas for developing sentence structure and covering Tricky Grammar.

The videos section is mostly Pie delivering some teacher training sessions.

The introductory video to the project and the follow-ons are embedded in the page, linked below: Demonstration Video Page Link.

The whole website is a mass of help for teachers, it has the best content writing services in the market; great to share with new teachers who need a little support with getting children writing, or reviewing as a staff meeting when concentrating on literacy.

There are case studies showing how schools develop quality writing.  One school adds a free model text and teaching notes; there is a section on writing for pleasure and many more case studies with free resources to help with improving writing.

The case study called Mary Poppins adds some great images, the one below is a hook to get children interested!