Toontastic 3DToontastic 3D is an animated 3D video cartoon maker for use of mobile devices. It is bound to be a huge success it has all the right ingredients to appeal to children and will inspire them to create wonderful digital stories.

3… 2… 1… ACTION! With Toontastic 3D you can draw, animate, and narrate your own cartoons. It’s as easy as play. Just move your characters around on screen, tell your story, and Toontastic records your voice, animations and stores on your device as a 3D video. Toontastic is a powerful and playful way to create interstellar adventures, breaking news reports, video game designs, family photo albums, and anything else you might imagine!

Download for IOS (iPads and iPhones)

For a Chromebook

For an Android

For a desktop computer or laptop

For a really useful tutorial visit this page where you can watch a whole tiny story created by Richard Byrne.

The Toontastic website asks three questions, who, what and why! Their answers are:

Who – Future authors, directors, musicians, inventors, and anyone else who wants to turn their brilliant ideas into 3D cartoons

What – With Toontastic 3D, you can draw, animate, and narrate swashbuckling adventures, breaking news stories, science reports, and all your other wacky ideas.

Why – Here at Google we want to give storytellers of all ages a megaphone to share their creativity with the world.

Features of the app:

  • There are no in-app purchases
  • Children can design their own characters or background with the inbuilt drawing tools
  • Children can add their own voices to their story along with any of the background music available in the app.
  • The children’s videos can be saved to their photo library to share with family and friends.
  • Children can add photographs of themselves to the library to take part in their own stories.
  • There is a whole set of inspiring prompts, characters backgrounds etc – plenty here to spark children’s imaginations.
  • There are many different story forms to prompt children’s plans:
    Toontastic 3DToontastic 3D