All about ChristmasAll About Christmas for Kids and Teachers is a site we have not looked at before, but it has useful information presented in a large font so very easy for children to read. It is a site offering Christmas Facts and Activities. The facts include information and links to other sites about traditions, colonial Christmas customs, the history of the Christmas tree and other Christmas items, as well as stories and legends.

The site explains where the word Christmas come from, talks about who Jesus Christ was, what is boxing day, who is Santa Claus, who was St Nicholas and lots more.

The site offers a section of Christmas Songs with a singalong video full of famous Christmas songs suitable for children. For a non musical teacher I am sure this could be useful.

The Christmas Activities section is full of printable pages, puzzles, online stories, The Christmas story, a Christmas movie and more.

Christmas Resources for Teachers offers some ideas and lesson plans to use in the run up to the festival including a comparison activity between Christmas and Hanukkah.

The Christmas Stories and Poems section has links to videos telling Christmas stories. I love the Christmas Letter for primary aged children. It is a poem created in a short video, about a young lad who is mean to his sister and a prank causes her to fall and break her ankle. Then he feels really bad and tries to make amends. He writes an interesting letter to Santa to help him. It could be the start of a great classroom discussion about what is naughty, what is fun, and how fun can lead to bad things happening.

Christmas Crafts for Kids has some lovely ideas: a paper plate wreath, a lovely Sponge print Christmas card idea, angels, reindeer, snowmen, Santa hats and more.

All About Christmas for Kids and Teachers is another really useful site for getting new ideas for the Christmas period.

All about Christmas