School Christmas CardMaking a school Christmas Card: Once again, it is getting around to the time to consider how to send school greetings out to the World!

I have been experimenting today, with a great, very easy, video card making resource that is shared by Adobe: Adobe Spark.  It is free to sign up, incredibly easy to use and you can add video clips, photographs, music, audio, text and icons.

The one below took me about 5 minutes and I had never tried the program before! I did not add video simply as I have nothing suitable, there are many free photos to use, though obviously in school, one would use the school’s own photos.

Firstly one has to sign up – that is free, then click on Get Started. You can then choose from a set of templates:
School Christmas Card

or Start from Scratch.

School Christmas Card

The first slide appears as above and it is easy to see how you can add the photo or video to the slide. There are a set of photographs which are free to use and available within Adobe Spark, or, if you wish,  you can simply upload your own.

School Christmas Card

As soon as the photograph is dragged from the box on the right onto the page a tiny plus sign appears in the centre. Clicking on that offers the opportunity to write some text, which can be dragged around, or adding an icon.

The working screen shows the slides that you have already made with a plus at the start to add a new slide (that appears at the end):

School Christmas Card

You can preview your video at any stage. It is easy to delete any unwanted part. Once it is complete you can share it.

I downloaded my video, so I can upload it to YouTube if I wish. I can also copy the URL of my School Christmas card video: and send that out by email. If I wish, I can post it directly to Facebook or Twitter and finally, I can get the embed code to put it into the school website or blog.

It is so easy and so versatile I can see children using it to present their work – the audio recording facility, adding photos and text is so easy. I can imagine it being used for all sort of topics by all ages!