Awesome AztecsAwesome Aztecs is a website created by the teacher known as Mr Donn. It has been written for both children and teachers with resources for both. It is a very comprehensive site about this period in history that he calls the Awesome Aztecs!

“Today, in Mexico, there are about one million descendants of the ancient Aztec, living and working. Human sacrifice is no longer part of their festivals (thank goodness!), but beautiful Aztec art and clever Aztec games are still enjoyed today.”

For teachers it offers:

  • Free presentations about the Aztecs
  • Aztec Mythology, a lesson covering three myths
  • A complete unit on two legends and a folktale
  • A unit on the conquest of the Aztecs
  • a lesson plan about the Sunstone
  • Lesson plans
  • Cortez and the Aztecs
  • The conquest of the Aztecs
  • A cyberhunt
  • The Aztecs, the mighty warriors of Mexico
  • Aztec Culture
  • What are the Ancient Americas
  • and an interactive quiz

For students it offers:

  • Geography, Human-Environment Interaction
  • Myth: Place of the Prickly Pear Cactus
  • Story: Journey of a Princess
  • Correct Behaviour
  • Aztec Gods & Religion
  • Aztec Afterlife
  • Government
  • Food
  • Floating Gardens
  • Daily Life
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Slaves
  • School
  • Marriage
  • Ball Games
  • The Flying Birds (an event)
  • Tenochtitlan, capital city
  • Specialized Professions
  • Aztec Myths, Legends, and Stories for Kids
  • Cortez & Spanish Arrival
  • Achievements & Inventions
  • Free Online Aztec Games
  • Take the Quiz, Interactive (with answers)
  • Investigate Real Life Artifacts

    Awesome Aztecs