The Ancient MayaAncient Maya is a fascinating period of history but there have not been many resources made and shared covering this period.  Teaching Ideas has a set of resources which are invaluable to teachers covering this topic.

Maya Fact Cards is a free resource created by Mark Warner and shared on Teaching Ideas.    They are a really useful classroom resource with several ideas of how to use them offered. They end with an empty fact card which teachers could use to get children to find more facts to add to the list, recording it on the empty card. Fun, attractive and best of all free!

Teaching Packs. – offers a free sample from the Ancient Maya Teaching pack which includes a guide, Maya maths, a Mask template, Maya images and a word search. This alone is a lovely resource but the actual teaching pack, which is a paid for resource is brilliant, paying to join Teaching Packs for one year is only the price of a single history book and gives access to many resources.

The complete Ancient Maya pack contains a 58 page booklet which is a guide to the period  coverings job, religion, family life, food, clothing and science.  There is a Mayan timeline, a collection of images, three maths resources, showing the ancient numbers and a calendar resource. A great assessment opportunity can be had using the set of follow me cards offered. where children work together to answer thirty two questions. Art and design can be covered by using the mask template and the photos of masks from temples to inspire children. There is a quiz, crosswords, word searches and a vocabulary challenge to keep check on pupil learning.

The downloadable free samples are great but you can also see examples of more pages from the paid for pack by clicking on the small images available.

The Ancient Maya