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Digital Citizenship Week 2017 Digital Citizenship Week 2017 (Oct 16-20) is just around the corner and that would be a great opportunity to remind pupils about a great many of the things they need to remember about working on the Internet.

Commonplace Media have gathered together and shared a really useful number of resources for teachers to make use of during the week:

“ Help students think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly online.

Internet safety? Creative copyright? Fake news? With so many topics on your “to teach” list that go above and beyond the core curriculum, it’s essential to have a game plan.

For Digital Citizenship Week 2017 (Oct 16-20), we’ve gathered a few stellar resources into one place. Whether you’re just getting started with digital citizenship, are looking for resources to share with colleagues or parents, or are ready to lead a school- or district wide program, Common Sense Education is here to help you get it done. Ready, set, go Dig Cit!”(Digital Citizenship Week Website)

Included is:

  • an information sheet for teachers,
  • some quick start activities – 4 Ways to get started,
  • student stickers,
  • a classroom poster

These are freely available – a brilliant resource!

Parent Connections  share three sites to help parents get up to speed with digital Citizenship:

“Digital Citizenship is a topic of growing concern among parents and educators in this increasingly digital age.  We hope you will take a moment to review the social media highlights (shown below) and see all of the great things teachers and students did to participate in 2016.  Even though White Ribbon Week isn’t until February, we encourage you to talk to your children about the importance of digital citizenship on an ongoing basis. Below are some resources to help you start the conversation, and keep it going.

Netsafe has some great resources for teacher parents and children.

CommonSenseMedia is already mentioned above.

NetSmartz splits digital citizenship into individual items for parental advice:

Digital Citizenship Week 2017