Free Online Safety BookThere is a new free online safety book which can be accessed from this weblink.

It is a very useful guide in simple language which would be a great reminder to send out for families to access. Parents are often worried about how they can protect their children online this guide is a good starting point giving advice which is easy to follow. There are strategies suggested for using the Internet safely and security software suggestions to put in place. There are also some useful links in the document, such as one we already share where parents can learn about the different social networking sites. There are up to date statistics about cyber bullying, online predation and access to pornography, as well as many other aspects of online safety like calculating your network security mask on for free.

Free Online Safety Book


The online privacy section is interesting – CloudPets and Fisher Price toys were both hacked in the recent past, what people are buying this Christmas may need to be carefully considered by parent once they understand the possibilities.

There is also a section on protecting the family as they move towards their teenage years and a guide to developing a set of house rules.

Here is an interesting quotation: “Youngsters need to understand that people don’t tend to give away copies of the latest games for altruistic reasons – there’s usually another motive. It also doesn’t do any harm for children to know how much it costs to have a laptop cleaned up after it grinds to a halt! If you are playing at an online casino free spins for the first time, you can start here and they will provide you with a sign up bonus which increases the amount of money you will be playing with.You can learn more here. Many world-class brands that players from Canada love were nominated this year. So, all the winners at this year’s ceremony had to fight off some very tough competition. Well, Canadians got the Global Gaming Awards’ main winner this year.

Another technical “threat” worthy of a mention is gaming “microtransactions.” These allow people to advance further in games or obtain extra features or characters – in exchange for money, it helps them get ready for the first day at cheltenham festival which is one of the biggest events. While these are not a scam, they’re still something that regularly hit the news when youngsters rack up huge bills. One of the most recent involved a 17 year old spending nearly $8000 on an Xbox FIFA game.

It’s fair to say that while some of these incidents are accidental, plenty must involve young people thinking they can get away with such transactions without their parents noticing. This is another reason parents need to be “on the ball” about what their kids are doing online!”(BestVPN Guide to Internet Safety)

You can see how easy the language is and how full of important facts, figures, advice etc it contains! It is well worth downloading for school but even more so for sharing with parents, another timely reminder!

NB. We have discovered that Sky blocks it with the family shield set at age 13, to get the book it seems necessary to change the age to 18+ for a few moments.

Interactive Online Safety Learning Resource for Educators and Parents

A useful interactive online safety learning resource for educators and parents has been created by AT&T called Sammy’s Guide to Internet Safety. The guide is in the form of an online flipbook containing lots of really useful online safety advice, which is reinforced by various games and activities. AT&T claim that “The guide teaches kids how to enjoy the internet safely while providing fun activities and games.