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2019-20 / 2020-21 Computing Competitions


Autumn 2019

A good gentle start to the year and designed to put online safety on the agenda with the new class. (KS1 – Sid’s top tips as a set of four easy-to-remember rules and KS2 – SMART Rules)

Entries and Results

To create a seasonal greetings card which could be sent out to friends or family, using graphics for the illustration and word processing software to create a cheery message.

Using Scratch to create an animated greetings message that could be augmented by audio.  The idea is to deliver a cheery seasonal message which could be used to convey seasonal greetings to friends or family.

Spring 2020

Regular competitions and league were suspended due to COVID-19 Lockdown.

Summer 2021

The regular competitions and league resumed in the summer term of 2021



2018-19 Computing Competitions


Autumn 2018

The aim is to produce a digital seasonal message, which could be in the form of a simple card, an animation, or a card augmented by audio – the idea is to deliver a cheery seasonal message which could be used to convey Christmas greetings to friends or family.

Scratch Entries Gallery

Non-Scratch Entries Gallery

Spring & Summer 2019

The aim of this competition is to create a comic book, or strip, that promotes Online Safety. We think that writing in this format will encourage children to participate and add to their excitement of creating a great online safety story.

Winners Gallery


2017-18 Computing Competitions


Autumn 2017

Seasonal Message Competition – Scratch Entries Gallery

Seasonal Message Competition – Non-Scratch Entries Gallery


Spring 2018

This competition has been extremely popular in the past and has attracted some really outstanding fiction and non-fiction entries.  It is planned to coincide with World Book Day, on 1 March 2018,  thereby providing the opportunity for the entries created by the children to be also shared within school

E-Book Entries Gallery for 2018

Summer 2018

Create a Digital Game Entries for 2018


2016-17 Computing Competitions


Autumn 2016

Competition Submissions Gallery


Spring 2017

Scratch Entries Gallery

Other Applications Gallery


 Summer 2017

Competition Submissions Gallery


2015-16 Computing Competitions


Autumn 2015

Christmas Greetings Message Competition – Submissions Gallery

Spring 2016

E-Safety Screensaver  Competition – Submissions Gallery

Summer 2016

Design and Create a Digital Game Competition – Submissions Gallery

2014-15 Computing Competitions


Autumn 2014

  •  Create a KS1 Programming Instructional Video

    Make the Robot Go! The video is to be filmed and directed by KS2 children, starring KS1 children and using Roamers or BeeBots as equipment  for both Key Stage One and Two, working together.

Make the Robot Go – Winning Entries Gallery (For Viewing on a PC)

Make the Robot Go – Winning Entries Gallery (For Viewing on a Mac) 


2014 Christmas or Winter Greetings Card – Submissions Gallery


Spring 2015

  • This competition is planned to tie in with World Book Day on the 5th March 2015 – for Key Stage Two.

2015 E-Book Competition – Submissions Gallery


  • This competition will use graphics software and is also planned to tie in with World Book Day on the 5th March 2015  – for Key Stage One.

2015 Book Cover Competition – Submissions Gallery


2015 Design and Create a Digital Game  Competition – Scratch Submissions Gallery

2015 Design and Create a Digital Game  Competition – Kodu Submissions Gallery


Summer 2015

  • The animation can be either computer, or stop motion – for Key Stage One and Two. Planned to run through Term five (after SATS) and Term Six (closing date three weeks prior to end of Term).

2015 Sports Day Animation Competition – Submissions Gallery

2013-14 Computing Competitions


Autumn 2013



Spring 2014


Summer 2014


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