Zondle – Educational Games

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The Zondle web siteZondle is a set of games which can incorporate a set of questions into games giving many possible hours of educational fun for pupils. It is very simple to use and completely free. Team Zondle is a new feature making it possible to play class games on the IWB, but the individual games could be given as homework, follow-up or time fillers.

When you go to the site sign up as a teacher, parent or pupil. Teachers can get a whole class to log in using the same class number and this allows them to make resources available to their whole class in one go.

Zondle games allow pupils to practice simple facts, such as times tables, number bonds, the places of the planets or vocabulary for a foreign language, review their learning, revise quickly and so memorise their learning. If you require help then You Tube hosts a set of teacher training videos.

 A Zondle screen

Zondle for children shows them how to make games and then play them.

Zondle Team Play has lots of downloadable support for teachers.

Finally, students who have mobile devices such as an Android or iOS, can also download the Zondle app and play the games on their devices: