Youth Manifesto Initiative and Competition

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Youth ManifestoYouth Manifesto Initiative. Why not get your class involved with the Youth Manifesto initiative? It just might make an interesting and very useful end of term project. Youth representatives from all around Europe are inviting children to tell policymakers and industry what the future of the internet should look like.

  • What should be your digital rights and opportunities?
  • What matters to you when it comes to your future online?

The initiative would like you to post ideas after you have debated the pros and cons with your class  and vote for the issues that children think are the most important.

  1. What would be the one thing you would change to make internet better?
  2. The internet is 25 years old. What will it look like 25 years from now?


Youth Manifesto Competition. Get your class, or individuals  to  create a resource, or resources (such as a video, poster, or even a song or poem) to express your ideas for a better internet, and upload it to the competition site.

The aim is that teachers, youth leaders and other young people can then use your creation to trigger more ideas.

The competition will work as follows:

  • Visitors to the site will view and vote on the resource(s) – this will count for 50 per cent of the final score.
  • A jury will consider all entries and provide a score. The judges’ decision will count for 50 per cent of the final score.
  • Scores will be combined to identify the top six winning resources.
  • The creators of the top six winning resources (and an accompanying teacher) will be invited to present their ideas to high-level decision makers in the EP and to attend the Safer Internet Forum (SIF) in Brussels, in November 2014. All travel and accommodation costs will be paid.

The deadline for both entries and votes is 15 September 2014. Upload your entry as soon as you can so that others can vote for you!

To enter visit the site and fill in the form. 

Timelines on the competition are available on the Get involved page; the criteria that the judges will use to score entries is available here.

Youth Manifesto competition