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Writing SparksWriting Sparks is a website that provides inspiration for student writing.

The provides recorded videos that are writing sparks (prompts to ignite writing). See links below:

These lessons, or Story Sparks, contain story writing prompts for the pupils to respond to. They should watch the video, make notes and then use the useful words and phrases in their writing, which part of it can be done by thee write my paper for me services.

The Lesson Hive – has lessons on many subjects available.

Concentrating on story writing, there is a Storytelling series, searchable by age. This series has a set of lessons, each including a different inspirational video which act as a guide for composing an adventure story.

There is also a planning sheet available:

Writing Sparks

This give pupils an opportunity to really plan the character, the place where it will take place, the dilemma and some key nouns, verbs and adjectives. It will help pupils get started with their story and could be used in any situation.

Super Spellings in another section of the site:

“Help your students become spelling masters by working through all ten levels of our Super Spelling Quizzes! The questions in these lessons have been based on the most common spelling and grammatical mistakes, so are sure to positively impact their writing skills.” ( There are ten level for the pupils to work through. These are set up as quizzes.

Writing Sparks

There is also a paid for area of this site, which will allow students to save their plan and write their story on screen. I believe there is an assessment tool built into that area, if one pays. However, the free version also has some very useful resources!