World War Two

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1-ww2Studying recent history such as World War Two (WW2) helps children to perhaps understand where we are today and how we got here. Many parallels can be drawn to the immigration issue and it may help children understand the background to the problem. Here are a set of links to support such a study:

BBC Schools – Even though this BBC site is archived it is still an excellent resource for studying WW2. There is a whole collection of teacher resources, worksheets, a quiz, exploring a wartime home interactive exercise, shopping in the time of rationing and a set of pictures.

Woodlands Schools – This site has a lot of very useful information presented in simple language, ideal for children to access. The information is split into many headings and illustrated with genuine images, posters etc. Some of the headings are: gas masks, The Home Front, rationing, shelters, slogans, song and more.

KidsKonnect – Offers a collection of WW2 facts and a downloadable study pack for those who sign up (it is free). The facts would give pupils doing a project on this conflict some ideas of questions which they could research further.


This Teacher’s TV video describes the lives of children in WW2. It is made up of real accounts, memories and footage.

The following video is The Blitz – this is not suitable for children in its entirety, it has been created for adults but has some amazing footage of incendiary bombs and St Paul’s. Teachers may wish to look through and use tiny snippets.