World Environment Day – 5th of June 2015

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World Environment Day June 5

This week brings us World Environment Day, June 5 2015. It is the same date every year and it is a good day to consider environment issues, even if only in a school assembly. It was started by the United Nations as a day to make everyone all around the world consider looking after our planet.

“Every year, the United Nations Environment Program honours World Environment Day on June 5 to raise awareness about environmental issues and call for action. The UN Environment Program just announced the theme of this year’s event: sustainable lifestyles.

The topic is a particularly powerful one because there’s room for everyone to take a moment to question how we live and how it impacts the planet. The theme asks everyone to evaluate our consumer habits: how we shop, eat and travel.”

The above passage was quoted from Treehugger, where it continues with lots of interesting and inspiring information encouraging readers to go green.

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World Environment Day June 5