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Wordsearch MakerWord Search Maker is a great little tool for teachers. It is a simple word search maker which could have many uses in the classroom. It could be used for special needs children to help them remember newly learned words. Also, anyone learning new spellings or foreign language  vocabulary may benefit from really studying the letters in the word searches. As well as using teacher created words searches, you could get the children to make them in order to test each other :-). The word search grows as big as it needs to in order to fit your longer words.  My longest phrase was word processing at 15 characters so the word search created was  15 X 15.  If there is a space, it does not put a letter in which is quite nice. The tool can also have Data handling uses.

When you tackle the puzzle, click on the first and last letter – it highlights what you have chosen in yellow. If the word is right, it turns turquoise and crosses it off your list of words to find. The turquoise colour fades, leaving a clear grid to find your next word – there is no clutter.

Step 1) Compile your list of words

Step 2) Add words to your puzzle

Step 3) Copy and paste the code into your website.

Words Search Maker


Why not try out the one I was making in the picture above?