Word Hippo – a child friendly dictionary and thesaurus

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Word Hippo - a child friendly dictionary and thesaurusWord Hippo – a child friendly dictionary and thesaurus – is great fun and should be a really useful tool for all writers from 6 to 60! It provides definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and translations for words in a child-friendly manner.

Word Hippo will also find rhyming words, even the hard to rhyme words like purple and orange 🙂 It can also search for synonyms with the ‘What’s another word for’ function and, in addition, it will also find opposites!

Word Hippo also offers to translate words and provides a host of other useful  bits and pieces; however, it is the: word meanings in context, rhyming and ‘find another word for’ functions that I can see being really useful for younger children, who may then get interested in word choices and start to use a thesaurus.

This application is fun, there is nothing too scary or serious within it and it’s also very attractive. There is not a lot more to be said about it really – the site speaks for itself.  In summary, I think that Word Hippo is a great application that could undoubtedly prove to be very useful in the classroom!