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The Word Generator has been created by  Paige, The Game Gal, who has been collecting word lists for games for years.  She started a blog, where she put all of the lists gathered and now it is a huge collection, useful for all sorts of game, spelling exercises, etc.

One of the best things about her site is the Word Generator;  simply press the ‘New Word’ button over and over again for many random words.  You can choose the games that you are playing, ‘Any Game’ just gives you random words!

Word Generator

Next choose the category or level of the words required. Choosing the Pictionary Game allows you to choose easy, medium, hard and very hard words.  Idioms are covered there, so are movies and people, obviously set up for the charades game.

Word Generator

I am sure there are times when any teacher could use a random word presenter.


 Word GeneratorWord Generator 

This site also contains a vast set of games instructions including, but not exclusively:

There are many free printable too; these include all of the word lists – see image below:

Word Generator

This site would make a useful addition to any set of school web links. Use it on an IWB for any in class word games or spelling competitions.