I wish to you live card maker

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I wish to you live greeting card makerI wish to you  is a live greeting card maker which allows anyone to make lovely cards that can be e-mailed home or to friends and relations.

There is so much that pupils can learn from simply watching the animations of the very well created cards in the gallery. They can see how people have: added shading on faces,  added light to letters and shapes, added dark surrounds to the letters and also how degrees of transparency have been added – all great artistic skills to be watch and tried. This is a great resource to use for occasions when pupils need to make a greeting card for a real purpose and send it home.

I wish to you live card maker” You can (for free):
* draw a live card online, save drawing process as time-lapse animation and get a permanent link to it to share card or embed to blog
* schedule email delivery for your greeting card
* get a nice free live card from our gallery or just look how to draw a greeting card

Create unusual greeting cards and share fun with everyone” (I Wish to You)

Have a look at the card that I created  below and then, why not give it a go?