Wildlife Trackers

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wildlife trackersWildlife Trackers is a great project for children to be involved in – either at home, or in school –  as it involves tracking British wildlife. The blurb on the Wildlife Trackers website is both welcoming and informative:

Welcome to Wildlife Trackers – You are in for a lot of fun! Did you know there are over 20,000 kinds of insect, over 65 mammals and 230 different species of bird in the UK? No-one has seen them all but this game is a race to spot 90 of the most common creatures.” (Wildlife Trackers)

Wildlife Trackers is an internet game to get children outside and learning more about the world around them. It is a game to encourage children to learn about the creatures that are close to them outside home or school. As children do not spend as much time out of doors now as they used to, many children are not aware of the number and range of wildlife in their vicinity.

“At Fly on the wall we are lovers of both nature and technology and feel that the internet can be used as a tool to enhance and improve time spent outside as well as to connect like minded spotters and friends who may be keen to share their experiences outdoors.”(Wildlife Trackers Website)

wildlife trackersThis project involves children competing and communicating with other children to spot and identify different species of wildlife. They collect points, which lead to badges. There are also weekly and monthly leader-boards – great fun for young explorers!

Parents may also be interested in  Project Wildthing.  Ask them to find the time to watch the video trailer on the sites homepage. This network has been really helpful to Wildlife Trackers and it is helping to connect likeminded people – that care about children being involved with the natural world – all over the UK and beyond.