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Why ChristmasdotcomWhy ChristmasDotCom is a very useful Christmas website. There are four sections:

  • Christmas Traditions and Customs;
  • Christmas Around the World;
  • The Christmas Story, and
  • Christmas Fun and Activities.

The Christmas Story is told in children’s language. It is not a shortened version; it is the full story but the language has been simplified. It is decorated with lovely children’s, cartoon type, images. This is also available as a download with big pictures.

There are five variations on the Christmas Story available:

The Christmas Around the World section has a World Map and a whole set of flags which children can click on to study Christmas traditions in a country of their choice. For some it may be interesting to study why parts of the world are grayed out and do not have Christmas traditions!

Why Christmasdotcom

The Christmas fun and activities section has a huge range of games. There is also an online calendar which could be shared on a whiteboard. For the young, there is a Christmas tree to decorate and a nativity scene to make. There is also a crossword, quiz,  and a puzzle. In addition, children can email Santa and more. There is something for all primary school ages.

The Christmas Traditions and Customs section covers just about every imaginable aspect of Christmas. There is information about mince pies and Christmas pudding. The history of the Christmas tree, crackers and cards is also covered. Candy canes and Christmas bells are explained. Pantomime and poinsettias are there. Winter festivals, wassailing and mumming – even the weather is covered. Set children off on a Christmas project to explore which ever custom or tradition captures their imagination.

The Why ChristmasDotCom site will be all many classes need to cover the Christmas celebration.