Sharing SMARTBoard Resources

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SmartBoard NotebookEvery teacher using a SMART Board is making resources!

Imagine how many SMART Board notebook lessons are on teachers laptops across the country … there must be thousands and below are some recommended websites for sharing SMARTBoard resources.

The SMART Exchange is now free and is a source of many shared resources, both lesson plans and notebooks. To re-use someone else’s work as a basis for your own saves time and effort. It is time to join if you haven’t already, sign up and share! There are hundreds of Smart notebook lessons based on the UK curriculum as well as Flash files to aid science teaching in topics such as the human body, volcanoes and photosynthesis. There are also over 150 image galleries for use in many areas of the curriculum and  around 100 videos which can be added to notebooks.

Smart Express web page

Also available online is the SMART Notebook Express – an on-line version that does not require software – so great for home use.

Teachers can open notebooks made with SMART 10 and edit create new notebooks:

SMARTer SMARTboard  –  offers many tutorials to aid the teacher who lacks confidence or know-how. – there are masses of downloadeable IWB notebook files here for literacy, numeracy, French other subjects and EYFS

Teachers Love SMARTBoards has a wide selection of notebooks but also some teacher challenges encouraging teachers to make best use of the resources! – there are many notebooks here, many also available in French. is a set of Interactive Whiteboard Resources – mostly interactive web sites that can be used on any interactive whiteboards. – this is a set of flash files and images that can be used on any IWB, there are lots of useful resources.

Sadly ageing now- but all of the Oxfordshire ICT Team IWB notebooks are still available!