Waterloo 200

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waterloo 200In June 2015 the UK celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. This battle was one of the turning points in world history. However, whilst Wellington and Napoleon may be familiar historical names, most children do not know what they did.  Their story is told on the Waterloo 200 website. There is also a great competition for schools on the site, with about three weeks left for children to enter if they have not done so already. In addition, there are lots of free resources and lesson plans available.

Waterloo 200 is an educational project dedicated to supporting students and teachers across the country. You can browse our educational resources on the right of the page, which are free to download for classroom use. Look on our Lesson Plans page for complete sets of presentations and resources. You’ll also find teacher’s notes on many of the 200 Objects that tell the story of Waterloo.”(Waterloo 200)

This site offers an acrostic exercise, a film guide for teachers, a wordsearch, blockbuster game  and trivia test among its resources.

There is also a community participation pack for communities to plan their own Waterloo weekend celebration.

Waterloo 200, in partnership with Hungry for History, is challenging school children from across the UK to determine their 100 Defining Moments in history of the last 200 years from 1815 – 2015.” (Waterloo 200)