Viking Sagas Myths and Legends

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Viking Sagas Myths and LegendsViking, Sagas, Myths and Legends, even though they are not really well-known, make up a huge part of the traditional stories from around the UK involving dragons and monsters. Sadly, though they were brought over by the Vikings many years ago, they were not recorded until many years later.

The BBC School Radio gives  children’s account of some of the well-known Viking stories

Storynory  – offers several audio versions of some of the Norse Myths opening with:

“Odin, Thor, Loki – the Gods of the Vikings – had many wonderful adventures which have inspired the likes of Wagner.” These story accounts are most often written in modern language and are in the first person:

Mr Donn’s Viking Website – offers a list of games and resources.

The Viking Section of Teaching Ideas – has several written stories with activities:

  • Trolls’ Treasure
  • The Cursed Sword

These are not genuine Viking stories but written along the lines of Norse myths and legends. The books may well be in schools, so the ideas and activities could be useful resources for teachers.

Norse Mythology – is an adult site but may be useful for teachers.