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VideoANTVideo ANT is free a mobile video annotation tool which could be really useful in literacy lessons.

Using VideoAnt, pupils can annotations to a video at various points along its’ timeline.  When it is completed, the script pupils have written will be displayed as the video plays.

See an example.

It is easy to use and will work on desktops, laptops and iPads:

  1. Visit a site such as Literacy Shed and choose a video which you want pupils to annotate.
  2. Click on the YouTube icon to get the link of the video.
  3. Go to VideoANT and paste the link into the space provided (see screen shot below).
  4. Click on Load Video
  5. Click on Add Annotation at the point you want to write something. That will put a marker on the timeline (see screen shot below).
  6. When it is finished an e-mail will be sent to the address entered and they could all be sent to the teacher to share.
  7. Pupils may watch the  “ANTs”  on a whiteboard and comment on each other’s too. It seems to be a great way of inspiring writing!