Victorian Schools

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Victorian SchoolsVictorian schools, or rather school buildings, are very familiar to many children in the UK as they are often still in use today. However, how the school s were run in that era was very different!

Primary Facts – This site gives a simple set of facts about education in Victorian times.

Primary Homework Help – Has a page of links leading to lots of sections about Victorian schools.

The BBC – Provides a Victorian schools page that is archived but still very useful. There are photograph and videos linked to it and lots of linked information, there is a quiz and a page of fun activities to be downloaded.

Victorian Children – Provides a lovely photograph of a typical Victorian Classroom with information about teachers, punishments, school hours etc.

The Victorian School – This site talks about going to school in Victorian Times. ” Many schools were quite grim places, often with windows high up so that children could not see out. They were drab by modern standards, with very little on the walls except perhaps a stern text. Boys and girls generally were separated, having their own entrance and playground…“(Victorian School Website)

Victorian Schools

For any teacher wishing to create a Victorian day in their school, there is a useful set of downloadable pages available including a picture of Queen Victoria, a list of the Kings and Queens of England, a map of the British Empire and lots more!

Simple History – Provides an interesting page about Education in Victorian Britain, describing early education with some photographs and explains the changes that brought education for all. ” There was a serious need to educate all the British people to help drive Britain forward and be able to show off its citizens to the World. These young people were the future of Great Britain, the then capital of the World…“(Simple History Website)