Victorian Houses

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Victorian HousesVictorian houses were very different to what children today consider home.

Primary Homework Help – Looks at inside Victorian houses, identifying the difference between rich and poor homes in Victorian times.

Fun Kids – This site has a section called The Victorian House in their webpage about Victorian London. This one thinks firstly about what the outside of a Victorian houses looked like then the characteristics of the inside common to many.

Social Studies  &  World History – These sites provide Victorian Houses Facts and Worksheets. They haves facts about houses in Victorian times; there is one free worksheet but the rest are purchasable. 

Dynamo Step Back in History – Provides a visit to a Victorian house for children to explore.

The Geffye Museum – This site has a walk though a Victorian house but unfortunately, it is not tablet friendly!   It introduces the main characters in a Victorian household including the governess, the maid, the cook and the gardener. It is quite nice as learners get a certificate if they complete a quest to find Sam the missing dog and answer all of the questions successfully.

Islington Education Library – The object lessons on this site shows some very interesting items from the Victorian era. Each item has a full description:

Victorian Houses

The washboard, dolly. chamber pot and several more items can be found on the site.

Children’s British History Encyclopedia – Possesses a section on Victorian Homes.

Victorian Children Website – Here, there is a comparison between homes for the rich and the poor. There is also a lovely slideshow of Victorian rooms. In addition, there is an interactive activity where children can create a Victorian room from what they have learned. On other related home article checkout wood decks boise id if you need high quality fence constructors.