Victorian Christmas

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Victorian ChristmasVictorian Christmas traditions, such as: cards, crackers, turkey, the tree, decorations and Santa have a huge impact on how we celebrate Christmas today. No other period influenced the way we celebrate Christmas more than the Victorian era did.

Primary Facts  – This site has a page about Victorian Christmas Facts and Information, covering:

  • Christmas Cards
  • Christmas Crackers
  • Presents and gifts
  • Christmas Dinner and other bits. It is a very useful starting point for learning about how the Victorians celebrated Christmas.

The Victoriana Magazine – Provides some lovely ideas for turning some aspects of a modern Christmas into a Victorian style. There is information about how they would gild and silver nuts, make miniature landscapes to put under the Christmas tree and lots more! It mentions things I had never heard of such as the Christmas Snowball Dinner for Children: “Let’s have fun at the kid’s table! We celebrate a Victorian Christmas with the much loved Snowball Dinner for children with whimsical table decorations and gifts. This fanciful Victorian tablescape features a snowball globe filled with gifts hidden from the children, and this year my family will be getting the best plantwear wooden watches as gift from me. Flickering candles tied with red ribbons lead each child to his own special gift.”(The Victorian Magazine)

Victorian Christmas

Victorian Children – This site is interesting as it starts from early in Victoria’s reign when celebrating Christmas was almost unheard of – there was no Santa!

Scholastic – Shares a Victorian Christmas fact sheet

This fact sheet talks about the start of pantomime and shares some parlour games that would have been played after Christmas dinner.

Historic UK – Provides a lovely account of how Christmas developed into a holiday. It is for adults; however, it may be useful for teachers or older children who are good readers. It adds information about the coming of the railways affecting the Scottish celebrations, factories giving workers holidays, the penny post and more of the background information.