The Valiant Roamer – Updated!

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Many teachers who loved the old roamer will know that as the more sophisticated technology toys arrived it went out of date.

However, the people at Valiant have been working hard to create a really up to date replacement … Roamer-Too!

Whereas the old roamer used to need a big space, the modern Roamer-Too can be used on a table top. It incorporates speech and has a very long battery life and large memory. The speed it travels at can be changed and it has built in sensors that can be built into programs if required.

The Roamer-too picture

“Roamer-Too is a new product. We have spent many years researching and developing the educational and technological ideas that support it. The features mentioned above and the ideas presented in this web site are simply a beginning. Keep returning and you will see a steady stream of exciting innovation.”

There is also a huge range of resources available to help teachers using the Roamer in the classroom:

The Roamer partnership web site