Using Word Clouds to Inspire Story Telling

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word cloudUsing word clouds to inspire story telling or discussions is a really interesting way of presenting some motivating information. There are many  cloud making programs available, here are some of them:

ABCya Word Cloud for Kids  – This is a very simple one and ideal if the children want to make their own clouds which could be used for retelling well known stories such as this one below:

Using Word Clouds to Inspire story Telling


Wordle – This is perhaps the favourite but it can be hard to get the Java working on some machines!

Using Word Clouds to Inspire story Telling – Provides another free cloud creator which has a wizard to lead the way. Why not use clouds to find out what children already know so that you can move forward without wasting time?




Tagul – This one is great fun and offers a range of shapes which may add to the interest. It also enables people to pick words to talk about, as one hovers over the image.

Here is a poem starter for the summer holiday: click the link to see the action.
Using Word Clouds to Inspire story Telling

Tagxedo – This is the last one to look at. They have created a blog post called 101 Ways to Use Tagxedo which has many inspiring ideas. The shapes that Tagxedo add make it different from the others:

Using Word Clouds to Inspire story Telling

Useful Links to Word Cloud Sites