Links for Using Video in the Classroom

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clapperboardLinks for Using Video in the Classroom. Video could be said to have taken over the world these days, even very small children are making them on mobile devices. There is no doubt that video can be inspiring in the classroom; so, here are a few links that you may find very useful:

Video Clips and Video Resources

  • Edpuzzle – Using this app you can add questions to video clips. It is very simple and intuitive and there is also a training guide built in to each step, should you need it. In addition, you don’t have to make your own videos from scratch to use with learners – video content curators have a huge selection of videos already available for free.
  • BBC Class Clips – Has a massive range of BBC videos collected together under headings – making them easily searchable, either by subject or level.
  • The Literacy Shed, – The home of visual literacy.
  • YouTube Edu – Has a collection of educational videos and there is also a very small selection of You Tube Edu Primary.
  • Knowmia – Has changed quite dramatically! There are now over 30,000 video lessons available – but you have to sign up and log in. You can search what is available and add them to your favourites. Students can also make their own videos to share with each other. There is also video footage which can be used alongside any student taken video, to create a complete project.
  • Freetech4teachers Has video footage for use in schools.

Apps for Making Videos


Using video in the classroom links

An Edpuzzle Video with Questions.