Using computer games to inspire writing

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A Small WorldMany primary school teachers will have heard of using computer games such as Myst to inspire logical thinking, problem solving and literacy. Although they are recognised as a fantastic media for inspiring boy’s writing, computer games like Myst can be too complicated for a lot of primary school teachers. If a lot of preparation work  needs to be done installing and learning the adventure game then this will put teachers off as it is not practical due to time pressures.

An alternative is to use on-line games that are very short and comparatively simple to use. Teachers can quickly get comfortable using these and progress to more complicated games as they gain confidence.

There are several games suitable for this purpose; the ones I have recommended all have what is called a walk-through (i.e. a website that explains how to play the game). For less confident teachers a great starting activity is on-line game called Samorost 1

Click the link to download a walk-through of how to play the game complete with teaching ideas: 

Other suitable games:

Samorost 2 – the sequel -chapter one is free but the other levels would have to be purchased. It has a walkthrough to help at

Little Wheel – this also has a walkthrough to help at

Have fun!