Using Aurasma – Augmented Reality in Class

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If your school has tablet computers with Aurasma, an AR (Augmented Reality) App installed on them, there are some fun projects you might like to try out!

Here are some examples of what can be done with a well-known AR App called Aurasma.

Using Aurasma – Augmented Reality in Class

Students draw a picture of themselves and record their voices while they: describe themselves, retell a story, say a poem, tell a joke, describe what they have learned, etc.  The recordings can then be linked to the images which can be printed from the computer and put up on the wall.  They can then take their iPads along the display and using Aurasma, check out each other’s videos.  If they also created a second printout to take home with them, or their pictures were put on a web page, their families and friends could also check out their recordings.

Here is a tutorial about Aurasma, by a teacher, describing how to link a child’s recording to his poster.

This technology can be used in lots of different ways. Perhaps students could study heroes and myths associated with Greek Gods, animals and their characteristics, countries and loads more. They could make a recording, draw a picture to link their recording and then share their video presentations – recorded on mobile devices –  through Aurasma.

For more information see – where there are links to the different downloads available.

The program is brilliant when linked to an ebook, make a picture play a video or audio file! The ideas for this app are limitless.