How to use Google Maps in the classroom

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How to use Google Maps in the classroomThere was a time when every classroom had a set of atlases and children all looked at the same page at the same time with very directed exercises. These days with virtual atlases, always up to date, always free, there is a lot more opportunity for children to use them in many more ways than previously. Here are a collection of the best ideas on how to use Google Maps in the classroom, shared by teachers:

Free 4 Teachers – provides a written blog post of ideas for how to use Google Maps in the classroom which is also linked to another page containing loads of ideas in many subjects, such as: maths, design,  explorers and environmental studies.

The Thinking Stick – has a set of 10 ways to use Google Maps in the Classroom, including scavenger hunts and creating maps for your community.

Digital Explorer  40+ Ideas on Using Google Earth and Maps in the Classroom – these are some teaching ideas which accompanied the Digital Explorer presentations at the Playful Learning Zone at BETT this year.  There are some great ideas, along with links, on this site which would be enough to start anyone off with using Google Maps in the classroom. The resources are all available in a download zip file. However, not all of the resources are suitable for primary school use.

 This presentation, from Cultural Creative  also has a lot of ideas for the primary classroom in this, including Get to Know Your Neighbourhood.

How to use Google Maps in the classroom

Fractus Learning – gives a good video overview of Google Maps and also offers 5 ways to have fun with them.