How the Tudors Shaped Britain

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How The Tudors shaped BritainHow the Tudors shaped Britain is the subject of many history projects and there are lots of resources available for schools:

Primary Resources – This site has a whole range of teacher created resources based  on Tudor history

There are lots of PowerPoint presentations about King Henry VIII and his family, there are games, crosswords, display items and other Tudor period related items.

There is a whole section about Tudor life the rich and poor in Tudor times, buildings, fashion clothes, food and exploration and many more resources available including medium perm plans.

Children’s British History Encyclopedia – Provides another timeline on the Tudors – it gives key dates and events but is not very detailed. Nevertheless, the site has: a whole section on farming, the church, Henry VIII wives, Edward VI, King Henry VII, Henry VIII, Lady Jane Grey, Queen Elizabeth 1, Queen Mary 1,  the Mary Rose, the Spanish Armada, clothes, entertainment, explorers, food, houses, schools, ships, towns and the War of the Roses. This is quite a comprehensive site.

The BBC’s Timeline: How the Tudor dynasty shaped modern Britain  – The time of the Tudors (1485 – 1603) was a time of massive change in England. There were five Tudor monarchs during the period with world-wide exploration and a complete change from the Catholic religion to Protestantism.   

The BBC have created a timeline of changes during that period. It includes

  •         the crowning of the monarchs,
  •         the creation of the Church of England,
  •         the Royal Mail,
  •         the sinking of the Mary Rose
  •         Explorers
  •         The defeat of the Spanish Armada, and lots more!

This site is written in clear English, it offers detailed links. It appears to have been written for adults, but for any teachers wanting to create a Tutor timeline with their pupils, it is a really useful resource.

How The Tudors shaped Britain