Tudor Exploration

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Tudor ExplorationTudor Exploration:  is a free PowerPoint presentation, covering: galleons, sailors, superstitions, navigation, food and diseases. It is shared on the TES website and the author describes it thus:

“I got my class to do various activities based on the ppt. e.g. make own compass and compare how people navigate (stars/GPS etc), label a galleon and make one, create own sea monster and é write a dramatic piece of writing about it, compare a modern diet to a Tudor’s and how sailors live etc.. those are just some of things we did as a class.”(TES)

This is a really useful resource with 45 slides covering all of the items detailed above. It is full of detailed information and images, written specifically for children. I am sure that every teacher studying explorations would be able to make use of most of it!

Tudor Exploration


The 3d History Illustrated World History – This site has an interactive timeline covering Tudor exploration. The Tudor explorers detailed on the timeline are:

  • Christopher Columbus
  • Ferdinand Magellan
  • John Hawkins
  • Walter Raleigh
  • Francis Drake

Introduction to Tudor Exploration. This is another free resource from TES ,this one also has a lesson plan with it! It is  a very good, complete starter lesson. It focuses on why the Tudors went exploring and what influence they had on people at home and abroad.

If you have a Smartboard still capable of playing the older notebooks there are several more resources such as ‘Life on board Tudor ships’  which is described as:

“A one stop shop of life on board ships including punishments, diseases, food and living conditions including a few links to interesting websites. The notebook ends with a choice of two tasks for the children to complete independently.”(TES)

This is a really useful resource for Tudor Exploration!