How the Tudor Dynasty Shaped Modern Britain

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Tudor DynastyThe BBC – has a very good resource for studying how the Tudor Dynasty shaped modern Britain, designed especially for educational use.

There is a timeline to open and by clicking on any of the dots along the Tudor timeline, the page will scroll to the event covered at that point in the timeline. This website is fairly sophisticated, the language is not simplified; therefore, it is really only useful for Upper KS2 children.

It opens with:

“The Tudor era saw unprecedented upheaval in England. Between them the five Tudor kings and queens introduced huge changes that are still with us today.

The years between the crowning of Henry VII in 1485 and the death of Elizabeth I in 1603 saw the old religious order swept away, the establishment of the American colonies, the foundation of the Royal Navy and the power of Europe challenged.” (BBC)

The site explores:

  • Scotland’s Forgotten Queen
  • Scotland and the road to Union
  • Henry VIII is crowned king
  • Church of England is created
  • Mary Rose sinks but Royal Navy flourishes
  • England becomes Protestant under Edward VI
  • Mary I is crowned queen
  • Elizabeth I’s long reign begins
  • Royal Exchange sees trade flourish
  • First English colony in America
  • Spymaster ensnares Mary, Queen of Scots
  • Defeat of Spanish Armada inspires England
  • Provisions for the poor
  • End of the Tudor dynasty

Following this section, visitors have access to:

  • How could you survive in Tudor England
  • Who was the real Thomas Cromwell
  • What did King Henry VIII really want from a wife
  • How did the four nations become the United Kingdom
  • Elizabeth 1- Troubled child to beloved Queen

The BBC – also has a really good site about Henry VIII’s flagship the Mary Rose.

How the Tudor dynasty shaped modern Britain