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Triptico app image

Triptico is a downloadable desktop Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Toolkit made and shared by David Riley. It is a set of 23 apps that will enhance IWB use in any classroom being simply a bank of easily accessible tools.

Download the app from It sits on the desktop in a little letter-box shaped window and one slides along to see all of the resources available. There are more apps in the pipeline, it is a resources that is growing all the time.

Matching game picture

Matching game

The first app – Word Magnets has long been a favourite of mine. There are 42 different backgrounds, it could be used for maths or science with various charts and tables available, language learning, sorting – there are so many uses it is hard to even begin to think about it. The following image shows a simple sorting activity in French, reinforce the knowledge of days and months with this fun drag and drop colourful screen.

A sorting activity

Sorting French days and months

Ideas for use:

  • MFL – For modern foreign languages – make sentences choosing right verb formation
  • MFL – Sort sets of word e.g. months & days, colours & animals
  • Science – Scientific words matched to their meanings
  • Music – Match the sound to the instrument, e.g. drum & strike, flute & blow
  • Literacy  – adding to a set of given words to make story starters, character descriptions
  • Maths – making number sentences
  • History – Sequencing events

The Second App is a number challenge, an instant mental maths warm-up!


Timer image

A Number Challenge

There is a Class List Maker, once the class list has been added it is possible to make groups, mixed up names for various activities – it can be used to sort children in various way for various activities or use an app to choose one pupil at random.

Names list

Make 3 Random Groups

There is a timer, useful for all sorts of activities during the day – getting changed for PE, reading quietly, clearing up, timed lesson sections etc.

Timer image

A Timer

Others apps include pelmanism games, ordering games, a countdown facility, spinners, a random task generator and many more tools for classroom use.

Spinner image

A Spinner

If help is needed in using any of these tools see Russell Stannard’s set of videos – they are based on language teaching and learning but can be adapted to any subject.

Sentences image

Ordering instructions

This is a very useful set of classroom tools, too good to miss! If you need help downloading it, just ask 123ICT!

Update to post (5th March 2016)

When this review was written, four years ago, Triptico appeared to be free to download from However, we have found that this URL no longer exists and redirects where you can still get Triptico but on a subscription basis. However,  If you would like to try it but don’t want to commit to the subscription, you can get it as a free trial.